Classes We Offer

Slow Strength Flow:

A slow but engaging yoga vinyasa flow class that combines traditional poses with functional movements to help strengthen the entire body. Paced for beginners yet challenging enough for the more advanced mindful practitioner. 

Triple S (Spin, Strengthen, Stretch):

20 minutes of self-guided aerobics on studio equipment followed by guided resistance band exercises to strengthen the entire body (core, arms, legs), and ending with dynamic stretches for improved flexibility

Yoga Core Flow:

A more vigorous class with a combination of movements and exercises to awaken the core muscles, which are incorporated into a vinyasa flow.  You will get your heart rate up.  A fun, lighthearted, more challenging class that aims to let you explore your endurance, strength, and ability to be in the moment. Theraband optional.

Yoga Therapeutics:

Appropriate for pure beginners and beyond. Using the breath as an anchor and yoga poses as tools, we will work on strengthening core muscles with the aim to improve balance and help you move around with more ease. Through the reinforcement of repetition you will slowly build confidence from pose to pose and class to class.

Restorative Yoga:

A gentle practice to help alleviate stress and settle the nervous system.  Yoga props such as blocks, bolsters, blankets, and chairs will be used to help you get into each pose comfortably and better gain the benefits that each one offers. Poses are generally held for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the body to open and the mind to settle into stillness. Appropriate for all levels.

Mat Pilates:

A series of exercises that are meant to strengthen and lengthen your muscles with a strong focus on the core (trunk) muscles while also training the arms and legs.

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