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Audrey is a native New Orleanian. After a hiatus during which time she completed training as a pediatric emergency medicine doctor she returned to the city she loves. She discovered yoga in 2003 as a way to relieve the stress of her medical training. Informed by the peace of mind that a steady practice has brought her, she enjoys assisting people of all ages in discovering the beneficial health effects of a consistent yoga practice. She believes that the body awareness and mindful movement practiced in yoga helps integrate our body, mind, and spirit so that we can keep moving and thriving through life. Whether you've been practicing for just a few weeks or a few decades, yoga can help keep you resilient and aging gracefully.


Audrey has a 200 hour RYT certification through Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank and completed an acupuncture certification through the Integrated Structural Acupuncture Program from the University of New England in Boston, MA.


Yoga Instructor

Lori loves to playfully explore imagery inspired movement, transform tension of the body and stress of the mind into potential energy released gracefully and with liberal breath. Growing up as a dancer Lori first struggled with the stillness that yoga challenges practitioners to find. Coming to learn that yoga shows us exactly where our imbalances lie, Lori is eager to share this awakening of authentic embodiment with students. She has found a passion for a practice focused on anatomical alignment empowering all bodies to move intelligently through life, preventing injury and healing pain. Feel good yoga for body, mind and soul is where it's at.

Lori has 200 hour RYT certifications from Laughing Lotus in NYC and Freret Street Yoga and a 300 hour RYT certification from Freret Street Yoga. Lori also holds a Bachelor of Arts in French from Louisiana State University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. She personally needs yoga to find balance in her daily life as Director of Operations for Dress for Success New Orleans.


Yoga Instructor

Joanne began practicing yoga in 2008 and over the years has drawn much peace, presence, insight, reflection, and connection through yoga. Although her day job is as a pediatric emergency physician, she enjoys the challenge of blending her medical knowledge with yoga and sharing these tools to promote wellness in her community.  When she has time off from her busy schedule, Joanne loves reading, traveling, yoga retreats, and most of all, hanging out with her dawgs.

Joanne completed her 200 hr RYT through the Yandara Yoga Institute, and advanced teacher training in Yoga Therapeutics through Balance Yoga in NOLA. In addition she is certified in Yoga for Seniors through the Duke Integrative Medicine program.


Yoga Instructor

Steve is a native of Lafayette and has practiced various forms of yoga for ten years. He is drawn to the philosophical
aspects of yoga and appreciates the mindfulness that yoga brings to his busy life with his young son. Steve's recent approach to his teaching is incorporating strength training to additionally boost the muscle strengthening and toning powers of yoga. Steve has a 200 RYT yoga certification through Feret Street Yoga.


Yoga Instructor

Jenn is a native New Orleanian and began practicing yoga in 2011. It was literally love at first "om." She completed her 200 hour RYT certification through Shanti Yoga Shala in New Orleans, LA in 2018.    


Her goal is for her classes to be a welcoming space for all levels of experience to soften, tune in to the present moment, and explore. Jennifer lives to embody Ahimsa, the yoga philosophy of compassion toward all living beings, and hopes to share this with her students as well. 


Off the mat, she enjoys exploring new ways to deepen her spirituality, being in nature as much as possible, eating at every vegan restaurant in town, and spending time with her dog, Cody. She also works freelance in design and marketing. 


Yoga Instructor

Gaby discovered Yoga in 2008 while living in Bangkok, Thailand. She loved the way it challenged her body and the way the vinyasa flowed and was always varied, at times in unexpected ways. Along with this came the mental benefits that became apparent after the practice with a feeling of lightness of heart and inner peace.


Gaby complements her yoga practice with Pilates.  In her free time she delved into the study of physiology and the anatomy of movement, and in 2012, completed her Pilates certification. She soon found Garuda, a method of exercise that combines yoga and pilates along with other disciplines of movement, and studied under it's creator, James D’Silva. In 2013, she earned her certification for teaching various Garuda modalities including Garuda Dhara or Chair which she teaches at this studio. She has also recently completed her 200 hour RYT training and is certified by The Yoga Alliance. 

Gaby brings together her training and teaching  experience to provide varied sequences that help to strengthen and lengthen the body. She draws from yoga, Garuda and the principles of pilates to provide a well rounded and challenging workout. 


Yoga Instructor

Dina is a certified yoga instructor, reiki master, energy healer, holistic health life coach, artist and bartender. She loves sharing her gifts with everyone and teaches both classes and workshops. She is excited to be a part of this space with all of these beautiful souls!

Dina received her 200 hour RYT certification through Transform NOLA.


Yoga Instructor

Ashlee attended her first yoga class 10 years ago at Bryan Kest's Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, CA, and was instantly hooked.  She began to seek out teachers and classes that offered not only a challenging vinyasa flow, but also encouraged students to turn inward and examine their state of mind and emotions.  Yoga quickly became her outlet to nurture her mind, body and spirit.  In 2018, after dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher for several years, Ashlee earned her 200 Hour Certification and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  She is excited to share with others what she has gained from her yoga practice and experience.  


Yoga Instructor

Shelley completed the 200-hour FSY Advanced Studies/Teacher Training Program with the sole intention of creating a deeper personal practice. Surprisingly to her, it has blossomed into a desire to share the practice with others, both in the traditional yoga studio as well as alternative settings. Shelley also completed FSY’s 300-hour Integrative Studies/Teacher Training Program and is now certified as a 500-hour RYT.


New Orleans has been her home since 1996, moving here after cultivating a passion for the city, its people and their stories. Growing up in Oregon instilled a lifelong appreciation of the natural environment, which still offers solace, wonder, balance, a sense of belonging and encouragement. These same principles inspire her yoga practice and teaching.


Shelley earned a BFA in Sculpture at the University of Oregon and a Master of Social Work at Tulane University. Shelley comes from an extensive background in community-based, non-profit arts. She is also an enthusiastic gardener and artist/metalsmith.


Yoga Instructor

Darra has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She uses her knowledge as a physical therapist to modify classes for all levels of fitness and body types. She believes if you can breathe you can do yoga. Off the mat Darra enjoys renovating houses, tennis and playing with her grandson.


Yoga Instructor

Coming from a background of competitive athletics, Elise first stepped on a yoga mat in 2015 and has been devoted ever since. She was initially drawn to the workout aspect and ease of tension that follows physical asana, but soon discovered an entire world of yoga beyond asana alone. In experiencing how her yoga practice on the mat totally transformed her life off of the mat, she felt called to share this journey with other people. She loves to create flows that blend strength, balance, and flexibility with deep presence. At the center of her practice is the belief that yoga is accessible for anyone, because we all deserve to feel comfortable and at peace in our own bodies! 


She completed her 200 hr RYT Training through Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans and was heavily influenced by the Bhakti philosophy of devotion, service, and mantra. Her hobbies include chanting mantras, cooking, studying, and being outside with friends in nature. 


Yoga Instructor

Lynell is a dedicated yogini and international educator/student who enjoys making the teachings of yoga accessible for students of all ages, on and off the mat. She works with students in infancy through adulthood teaching a plethora of topics. Much of her time is spent learning and practicing languages, being in nature and developing curricula and programming  that infuse yogic philosophies and ideals about life into seemingly unrelated topics. Her first introduction to yoga came around 2012, but the most influential experience on the mat happened while living in China in 2015. After, she lived in a Sivananda Ashram performing Karma Yoga (selfless service) and immersing in a yogic lifestyle for 6 months during which time she completed her 200 hr RYT training. At the core, Lynell aspires to live a heart-forward life and extend unconditional love and compassion to all beings. Maintaining balance between physical, spiritual, mental/emotional, financial and relational health is her main objective right now. 

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